1. Callipo & Roxy - Norfolk Horse Photo Shoot

    2016-04-17 15:14:00 UTC
    North Elmham in Norfolk on a beautiful day is a stunning location, especially when you get to photograph the fabulous Callipo and Roxy with their humans Freya & Harlie. Luckily we managed to stick to our planned date, despite a week of typical ‘British’ weather. We were blessed with blue…

  2. Whale Of A Time Clothing

    2016-04-12 15:25:00 UTC
    Ellie Wales founded the retro Whale Of A Time Clothing brand in 2015, and has already seen success with Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead sporting one of her cosy sweatshirts. As fellow Norfolk based businesses, we both saw it as a great opportunity to collaborate on launching the brand’s Spring/Summer…

  3. Mabel

    2016-01-22 11:26:00 UTC
    I loved Mabel’s session, so I decided to share it all with you! Mabel is a gorgeous Border Terrier puppy that I had the pleasure of photographing. Owner Alice and I decided to do the session in the same style as my Newborn photo shoots - and it was so…

  4. Vets 1

    2015-01-10 17:36:00 UTC
    Another collaboration between Shannah and Vets 1. The practice wanted a unique way to promote their ethical approach - by showing that when you’re going through your worst time, they are there to help, rather than provide a bill. 

  5. Animals At Home

    2014-12-06 11:34:00 UTC
    Glyn from Animals at Home came to Shannah in need of advertising material.  Shannah was able to provide him with exactly what he asked for. They used a photo of a Norwegian Forest cat that Shannah had already taken and had permission to use, and combined it with a new…

  6. Daniel Garner Farrier

    2014-10-27 19:45:00 UTC
    Shannah had the incredible opportunity to photograph a Farrier at work. The photo shoot was a combination of a 50th birthday present for Daniel’s father, and some promotional photos for his social media page. 

  7. Hounds & Home

    2014-08-28 14:03:00 UTC Extract taken from the ‘Hounds & Home’ blog: “It was a fabulous day in Cromer North Norfolk. We’ve been lucky enough over the years to be able to stay in a friends house, just a stones throw from the beach. When it came to deciding the venue for the…

  8. Vets 1 - Practice Photos

    2014-08-22 19:58:00 UTC

  9. Vets 1 - Vaccination Cards

    2014-07-31 13:31:00 UTC
    Shannah has built up a strong working relationship with the Norfolk based Vets 1 practice.  In 2014 she photographed their two competition winners, Chadwick and Tumble, who were used on the practice’s own vaccination cards. 

  10. Spring Fling

    2014-04-11 13:27:00 UTC
    Shannah had the pleasure of meeting Jake Humphrey at the Norfolk Showground Spring Fling 2014 - where she was official photographer for the event. 

  11. EQ Life

    2014-01-31 14:24:00 UTC
    Shannah had one of her early horse portraits of Dilly published in EQ Life magazine, January 2014 edition. 

  12. TableWare -International

    2013-03-01 14:22:00 UTC
    Shannah was commissioned by Maxwell & Williams to photograph their life size ‘Bull in a China Shop’ that was made of M&W crockery by Norwich University of the Arts. This was then used on the front cover of TableWare International and also in the International Spring Trade Show brochure at…

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