So, you've got this far... do you want to know a bit about the girl behind the camera?


I’m Shannah, I’m 29, and I’m passionate about what I do. Everyone says ‘don’t work with children or animals’ and I do both, but I love my job and I love that I love it. 

I'm married to Ben, who has been wonderful in supporting me since we were just 15. We have two gorgeous boys, Bertie and Rupert who run my world. My little bestie is Beans our adorable Westie, she's more like a person than a dog. My love for her has opened my eyes to the incredible relationship between people and pets. 


It was my Dad that made me realise that everything in life can be made into a career. I've always loved creating in varying forms, I'd just never thought about the reality of turning that creativity into a job. 

I got myself onto a brilliant photography course at Norwich University of the Arts, and came out with not only a first, but the highest mark the course has given. From receiving my first camera to capturing the stunning pets of Norfolk on a daily basis and getting to call it my job, I've had an amazing journey!


Animals have always been my passion. I’ve grown up in a household full of them - from numerous cats and dogs, to the goose we adopted off the side of the road when I was 6. 

My sister’s life is horses and photographing them for a university project is really what got me in to specialising in animal portraiture. Once I had tried it, I didn’t want to do anything else.

The greatest part of this job is being able to capture that special bond we all share with our pets and provide owners with a set of images that they can cherish forever. It really is cliche, but making people happy, makes me happy. And that’s what drives me. 


I’ve lived in Norfolk all my life. After setting up life near Norwich we made the decision to move closer to family after having children, so am now based in Methwold, a lovely little village near Thetford. I predominantly work throughout East Anglia, but love any opportunity to travel around the UK.

I absolutely love Norfolk and while a lot of my work is studio based, when I do location shoots I couldn’t wish for a better backdrop. My favourite spots are the various beaches along the North Norfolk coast, and the beautiful collection of woods and heathlands surrounding us, such as Thetford Forest and Holt Country Park.

For a location session we'll discover the perfect spot for you.

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